Programs - what's in it for you!

Programs and Projects

Our programs are flexible and designed to compliment each other. Often they compliment other programs that are out there - it's what a collaborative web is all about!

WeCollaborate designs or partners on projects that will build skills to make an impact in a digital world.

How to get started?

  1. Let's chat about what your organisation is doing now and what you want to do. Do you have a project, a platform or an app that we can build on? Or do you have skills you want your team to develop or share?
  2. Let's get started on project prototype design. Do you have a budget or are you working towards a grant? What are your organisations strengths and who can we talk to about partnerships?

Starting on these simple questions is the first step towards building something amazing! 

Digital Boom! A collaboration platform for building open organised movements for communities

Boom logo

With all these programs we use the Digital Sandbox BOOM! platform as a space to organise, share, and build your community. Unless you need your own BOOM!

BOOM! is a WeCollaborate built on one of the worlds largest open source platforms , chosen and customised for community building. 


techgoals logo#TechGoals

What are the tech goals you want to hit? Like learning how to use a new web system to boost your resume. Or to master social media so you can get that project out there. Or you want to get your hands into data and AI to stay on trend. Let's connect your tech goals with other change making people and projects!

Let's dial up your exposure, get you experimenting and build that experience!


Side Hustle logoSide Hustle

Let's face it, jobs aren't stable and we are living in a gig economy full of disruption. Everybody needs a Side Hustle right?! For some people their side hustle is to build a business, grow their passion, or start a social enterprise. Without digital skills, starting an enterprise is pretty impossible, especially without a healthy bank balance or an angel investor (don't bank on finding one!).

Side Hustle focuses on enterprise skill building and exposure to tools and applications that are free or cheap and will help get you over the line. Minimum viable product here you come!!


Young Leaders programYoung Leaders

If you had to bet on who is going to secure the future of the planet, people and communities who would you put your money on? We vote for young people. We don't see young people as the leaders of tomorrow, we see them as leaders and active participants of today. We want young people to see the potential of technology, the power of networks and that the Internet is a gateway to a big wide world of people and opportunities - no matter where they live. 

We focus Young Leaders on young people in rural and regional areas. The first time we ran Young Leaders we created a remote build for a two week workshop program for young Indigenous people. We connected with local businesses and young entrepreneurs and gave them the tool set and networks to get their message out there. It was a taste of where Young Leaders can go with a little bit of networking, a little bit of tech and people that care. Let's take this program global!


Lets get building program logoLet's Get Building

Learning to code is fab, building things together is better! There are lots of ways to build and contribute to projects and share back to the open source community. Not sure where to start? That's where we help. We connect you with ideas, communities, support materials and mentors - and most of all we work together on a project to not just code but build!

Let's Get Building takes the one off workshop and builds on it, let's get people building.


Grown up socialGrown Up Social

Maybe you've grown up with social or maybe you haven't. Using facebook or Instagram doesn't mean you have the skills in social media that employers or organisations need. That's where this program helps. Take social media and digital communication skills to the next level. Build experience to put on a resume with confidence. 

Let's work on developing social media strategy skills boost to employment, enterprise, or help a social cause.

We develop this program for skills building, enterprise development or intergenerational skill sharing.


Digital gap year logoDigital Gap Year

Digital Gap Year creates an environment where people can spend some time together learning to collaborate. They find real-world problems to solve and creating digital products and services. All while developing relationships with experienced digital innovators, entrepreneurs and investors.

It's a long term program, that lasts... about a year!

The deeper goal is to create the digital businesses that will provide employment for young people as traditional professional jobs are replaced with ever more sophisticated automation.

Digital Gap Year provides Exposure and Experience to the technology sector and it is owned and operated by jtwo solutions Pty Ltd.


Measure IT logoMeasure IT

We use the DigComp Framework to measure digital competancy at the start and end of projects - we want to know how we are shifting the needle - and to tell you where projects can make the most impact. So when we start, let's Measure IT!