Digital Sandbox – the Vision

user1 • 10 September 2018

We connect with fabulous people that have an idea or a desire to test and try, with people who can help. We don't just build products, we build community. We do this by:

  1. creating the technical and social infrastructure for people to collaborate on projects
  2. connecting people and organisations who have programs, skills and technologies and 
  3. providing a sandbox of technology, knowledge and networks for learning and skill development 

Inspired by Open Source, building for Collaboration

Open source software is freely available technology where the code is shared and built upon by others. Often people say those using it are "standing on the shoulders of giants" and we take that approach beyond just the code to more freely share ideas, learnings and projects. People that have been building open source software projects have had the benefit of building, sharing and learning together. It's a great way to learn skills, build tools that matter, and collaborate. 

Building Together for Social Benefit and Skill Development

Rather than building a website or application and then handing it over once completed, we treat the process as a learning and development project. It means we do things like:

  • Breakdown website and digital project building into workshops, masterclasses and experience opportunities
  • Match people with mentors to allow them to take on key project roles in supported ways
  • Match people with ongoing projects and organisations creating a win-win and sustainable, ongoing skill development
  • Build out things in really cool tech that people otherwise wouldn't be exposed to

Building Technology and Building Community

We do both.

About the Proponent

Lyndsey Jackson lives and grew up in rural Australia. For 20 years Lyndsey has been involved in asset based community development, youth development, and rural enterprise development. For ten years Lyndsey has worked in the technology sector with not for profit and government organisations across Australia training and delivering projects remotely.

Lyndsey is a leader in the international open source community Drupal and is on the international community governance strategy taskforce. She is Chair of a national technology not for profit and has a leadership role in multi stakeholder Internet governance initiatives nationally

Lyndsey is passionate about reinvigorating rural communities through technology, skill development and community building.

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