Digital Sandbox Regional SA - Concept Pitch

user1 • 9 September 2018

Designed as a pilot project for the Copper Coast and Yorke Peninsula region. The approach is to create a model of shared technology and learning enabling the project to be run in other regions within South Australia.

To create a Digital Sandbox in regional SA social and technical infrastructure needs to be built to get the community working together and sharing skills and ideas; and to identify enterprise opportunities and services. 

The technical backbone comprises of three parts:

  1. A collaboration platform built with flexible, open source technology for coordination & action

  2. A media website created & managed by young people

  3. A digital co-op to build enterprise & digital economy

All three have revenue raising potential for project sustainability and community management and ownership, because the platforms provide a service for communication, marketing, advertising, project testing, and consultation. The digital co-op is revenue generating through membership and paid project work. The co-op network can itself apply for grants, funding or respond to tenders and expressions of interest for projects in time.

Over 50 people from government, business, industry and local community have been consulted over the August 2018 to inform this project design.


Community Need and Conversations

Over 50 people from government, business, industry and local community have been consulted over the past six weeks as part of this project design. These discussions identified:

  • Anxiety at not having the technical experience and exposure for future jobs and business growth - this is a factor for those interviewed in and out of regional areas

  • Concern by parents in regional communities that children are missing out on programs and opportunities offered in the city, and that they don’t have the knowledge to make up for the shortfall

  • Openness to using technology to collaborate to make participation in community projects easier

  • Desire to learn by doing and participating in projects that enhanced their skills

  • Ideas and local innovation for improving business, economy and community using technology

  • Lack of local technical industry and issues with timely access to services due to an underdeveloped marked. This is backed up by a 2016 Business SA report Regional Voice: Understanding Regional South Australian Businesses which from 160 businesses surveyed had zero responses from companies in IT.