Digital Sandbox

Building Skills, Building Community

Creating Fabulous Things, Together

Digital Sandbox is a collaboration platform, resource set and really great ideas and people that can be used to build community projects.


The Digital Sandbox helps you build your tech skills in three ways:


  1. Exposure - through sharing opportunities, resources, networks, and programs to support digital skill development

  2. Experimentation - testing and trying technology, applications, and approaches such as design and systems thinking on local projects for public benefit

  3. Experience - helping you build practical experience on great projects.


Digital Sandbox takes projects and ideas that feature a digital component, turn them into community projects with shared benefits, and then open source the lessons, code, and applications to help others.

Who we are

WeCollaborate has built this Digital Sandbox. WeCollaborate builds the conditions for collaboration, community empowerment and digital skill development. We strengthen locally, and network globally. 

We have a deep sense of social justice and a need to contribute to making communities a better place and not leaving people behind in a rapidly changing world. 

Visit the WeCollaborate website or contact Lyndsey via

Built with BOOM!

Our Digital Sandbox is built with BOOM!

BOOM logo Building open organised movements for communitiesBOOM! is a platform from WeCollaborate. WeCollaborate believes no community should be left behind, that digital skills and strategies can be learned, and that a little bit of tech savviness to people with passion goes A LONG WAY!

Built using open source, BOOM! has been customised to make it work for non technical people and to get communities mobilised. It's just one tool in the Digital Sandbox and WeCollaborate tool set, but for sustainability and ongoing connection and support it's an important one! 

Focused on Regions

For an inclusive, connected future

In a digital age location shouldn't be a disadvantage

Digital Sandbox is designed with a "work remotely" first approach, making it fantastic for people living in the regions, or for people who are time poor.

We loving living and working in regional Australia, and see the path to digital inclusion as a cornerstone of creating new economies and regional growth.